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I rarely leave the house without a camera and usually have my wee Sony Cybershot WX350 in my pocket. It’s absolutely ideal for carrying around, small, idiot proof and takes good photographs with a minimum of fuss. It has some good features, but I usually stick to the automatic mode. If I want a bit more control over the image – exposure, shutter speed, aperture etc. I will take my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70 which is a little bigger but offers many more features and unlike most compact cameras, it has a viewfinder which is a real bonus in bright conditions. If I am out to shoot something special then I will take my Pentax k10 DSLR. It’s an older model and lacks many of the features of modern DSLRs, but it takes great shots. I only use my Google Pixel phone camera when I don’t have a choice – to me phone cameras lack too many features or control over the pre-shot image. Having said that – it is way better than any of my other cameras at taking low-light and night shots, so I use it then.

I have used a number of different instruments on my recordings, but mostly guitar and ukulele. I have a fairly large collection of guitars, nine at the last count, including electric and bass guitars. I also play some keyboard and percussion on some of the tracks. I record using either a Rode NT1 or Shure SM58 microphone through a Mackie Pro FX6 Mixer into Focusrite Scarlett. I edit and mix the tracks using Mixcraft Studio 9 Professional. The videos are created using Power Director.